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Back Story:Giraffes

Back Story:Giraffes


The Back Story of these Giraffe photos, by Robert Abramson


“Very Impressive!” was my first reaction on first encounter of giraffes in the wild
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“Very Impressive!” was my first reaction on first encounter of giraffes in the wild. A tall, silent lover of tree leaves and a patch work of light tan and brown that moves with an unexpected grace. How does such an unbalanced animal achieve that? How does such an animal move with this style?

I had arrived at the Arusha airport, Tanzania, at night. The 747 was far too large for the runway but landed smoothly and without a problem, yet, the jet looked strangely out of place. The Arusha airport is some 30 minutes from my hotel and, after a brief meeting with the local immigration authority, I was shaking hands with Jobshir, my guide and driver, and loading my bags onto his Land Cruiser.

Riding in the dark in a new country is a test for any traveler. I experience a sense of dislocation by trading the familiar Western World with a combination of wilderness and Islam.

My hotel is on the far side of town. A community is immediately on us when we turn off the main road but the darkness, interrupted by our headlights, merely hints at the size and facilities. Jobshir guns the engine to slide past the water filled pothole and continues up the dirt road to the hotel entrance.

Greeted by the hotel staff and respond with the words I was taught by Jobshir, one of which was “Jombo” (hello) and thanked them with “asanti sana”. Courteous with tentative smiles, I was registered and escorted to my bungalow.

The water filled potholes I spoke of earlier indicated it had been raining and was raining, now. I prepared for bed, rapped the mosquito net around myself and fell into a peaceful sleep.

At an early hour I pulled back the thick drapes for my first day’s view of Africa. I was confronted by deep greens and jungle vegetation. Beyond my bungalow were fields and a lake. The saturated green, exotic flowering plants, and beautiful vista was very pleasing. I was ready to explore.

The hotel had a rustic quality but the dining area was formal. Grand china and utensils implied high level food. For breakfast there was a choice of several dishes that were served by two young Tanzanians. Surrounding the dining room area were old trees and a lush green lawn.

Arusha has a small reserve park a short distance from the town; it is an easy drive there. The road was good and, after a stop in Arusha, we were headed into the hills in the direction of the preserve. We stopped at a small building with a sign that outlined the intentions of the park. Jobshir paid an entrance fee before we continued into the park.

It was not long before we came to a troop of baboons. This was a playful family unit that consisted of many females, babies, and adolescents watched over by a dominant male. In many ways their behavior was recognizable with antics such as a small baboon held up by a female and shook in the air, the baby baboon squealing with contentment.

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