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Attended in 1968-1972 Hofstra University graduating with a degree in Philosophy and minor in Psychology.
A student at Laney College (Oakland, California) in 1979 and studied portrait photography with G.Bishop in Berkeley, California in 1983.
Continued to study digital imaging at Berkeley Adult School in 2002 and website design.


Relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area (living in Berkeley and Oakland) and working at an El Cerrito studio of photography until opening a studio in 1979.
Working as a photographic printer and photographer, the studio (Bayside Studio) thrived and the photographic effort was sent to 10’s of thousands of homes and numerous countries.
During an industrial photography period completed work for small and more well know companies such as “Dolby Lab”, and “Allis-Charlmers”.
In the mid-90’s a period of executive and family portraits, and perfecting digital print occupied much of my photographic effort.
A period of travel photography brought new markets.

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